2020-2021 Calendar

18 September: Spyware and Predictive Policing, the Merging of Historic and Big Data, a Reading Group Meeting

30 October: Conference on Concepts and Data

13 November: Panel with Kirsten Ostherr and Ruha Benjamin (More info TBA)

18 November: Conversation with Prashant Bharadwaj and Usha Ramanathan (More info TBA)

2019-2020 Calendar

11 September: Invisible Worlds Revealed by Data, a Reading Group Meeting

18 October: Pandemic Preparedness: Financing Responses in an Age of Uncertainty, a Symposium

30 October: Genomics: Precision and Uncertainty in a World of DNA Data, a Reading Group Meeting

13 November: Designing New Tools For Rapid Decarbonization: Climate Analysis Systems For Practical Action, a Reading Group Meeting

18-19 November: When Data Goes to the Market, a Movie Festival

12 December: Optimal Futures: New and Old Economies in a World of Data, a Symposium

12 February: The Mathematics of Accountability, a Panel with Moon Duchin, Kobbi Nissim

24 February: The Data Environment and the New University, Roundtable Symposium

6 March: Sense, Sentience, Sensors, a Workshop

25 March: Creating Parallel Worlds: Health, Science and Data behind Classification Walls, a Reading Group Meeting*

27 March: Auditing Resilience: Life and Numbers in Uncertain Times, a Symposium*

26 March – April 2: Wen Xi: Tracing Fire, A Multimedia Exploration of the Virtual as Real by Artist Haoran Chang*

1 April: Eduardo Kac: Telepresence, Bio Art & Space Poetry, Screening and Artist Talk with Edoardo Kac*

13-17 April: Data, Experience, and Societya Workshop*

17  June: COVID/DATA: Surveillance, Privacy, and Accountability, a Reading Group Meeting

11 July: Emerging Insights From Covid-19 Data in South Asia, a Meeting With Yamini Aiyar and Jishnu Das of the Viral Conjunctions Network

29 August: Conversation with Dr. Julia Iyasere and the Viral Conjunctions Network, a Reading Group Meeting

*Indicates canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic