Covid-19-Related Works

“Veena Das: Corona policy must factor in scientific uncertainty”

Principal Investigator Veena Das discusses the importance of honest portrayals of partial knowledge during the uncertainty of the pandemic. The complex social realities of the pandemic call for more open communication about data on vulnerable populations.

Covid-19 and Student Focused Concerns: Threats and Possibilities

Principal Investigators of the Sawyer Seminar Veena Das and Naveeda Khan compiled an essay collection titled “Covid-19 and Student Focused Concerns: Threats and Possibilities” for the American Ethnological Society. Read their introduction here.

“Veena Das: Charity alone can’t win this war on the poor”

Principal Investigator Veena Das writes about the closing of factories and poorly executed mass exodus out of cities back to villages in India for the Deccan Chronicle. Das argues that the Indian government’s focus on mass surveillance during the COVID-19 pandemic should be redirected to services for the poor.

Principal Investigator Naveeda Khan and Hasan Azad of Ta’seel Commons discusses what an anthropology of uncertainty that embraces a philosophy of failure would look like.

“As Telemedicine Surges, Will Community Health Suffer?”

Principal Investigator Jeremy Greene writes about the crowding out of public service in telemedicine by private investment during the COVID-19 crisis for the Boston Review.

“The Social Distancing Syllabus: Perspectives in the Time of Coronavirus from Johns Hopkins Historians”

Principal Investigator Jeremy Greene offers a historical perspective on infections disease management to show social distancing practices can reduce the severity of an epidemic only if they are implemented before the peak of the virus’s spread.