Climate Workshops

By this time we know a lot about climate change as an object of scientific inquiry and as an aggregate of heterogeneous physical phenomena that calls forth a diversity of political attitudes and arrangements.  But we have yet to take climate change seriously as a social and cultural fact.  As Mike Hulme alerts us, “all of human life is now lived out not just in the presence of a physically changing climate, but in the new discursive and cultural spaces that have been created by the idea of climate change” (Hulme 2017).  It is our contention that everything, every action, expression, narrative may be reevaluated with respect to climate change.  They may be queried to ask where is climate change within it, whether it be figured as cause, effect, shadow, texture or meaning?

With this orientation we have organized three workshops, titled Climate Change and Institutional Imagination (11 Feb 2022), Forest Life, Scientific Practice, and Climate Politics (11 March 2022), and For the Sake of the Climate: Meditations on Retooling the Economy (29 April 2022).    

Each event will be held virtually via Zoom. Registration may be found here, and additional information for each workshop by following the links below.

Video recordings will be posted after each workshop to the links below as well.

workshop 1 – climate and institutional imagination
workshop 2 – forest life, scientific practice, climate politics
workshop 3 – for the sake of the climate: meditations on retooling the economy