10/18/2019 Pandemic Preparedness: Financing Responses in an Age of Uncertainty

18 October, 3-5 PM / Symposium / What are the roles of capital markets and complex financial products in global health management? This afternoon symposium seeks to explore the histories of international epidemic financing and the transformations we are seeing today with a special focus on the World Bank’s involvement in the current Ebola Epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

12/12/2019 Optimal Futures: New and Old Economies in a World of Data

12 December / Symposium / This seminar seeks to go beyond narratives of everyday neoliberalization to explore the spirit of contemporary, data-powered capitalism. This symposium asks: What kinds of calculation practices have appeared in this moment—and which ones have become obsolete? What kinds of data-powered work cultures, consumption experiences, and production practices are in the making? How do data-oriented economies reconfigure everyday life? How do materials and material-specific expertise matter in data-powered capitalism?

3/27/2020 Auditing Resilience: Life and Numbers in Uncertain Times

Date TBA / Symposium / In this symposium, speakers will explore how the proliferation of new quantitative indicators meant to enact and assess these transformations have altered patterns of everyday life in so-called “resilient” communities. Treating resilience as a new kind of technocratic framing that portends limits to technocracy itself, speakers will also examine how the portraits of adaptation and adaptability brought into circulation by these programs have shaped experts’ relationships with the people they administer, as well as their understandings of their own roles in the world.