Upcoming Events:

16 September 2022 – Slum Acts: A Book Symposium (426 Mergenthaler, 10am-1pm)

List of Past Events:

11 March 2022 – Forest Life, Scientific Practice, Climate Politics

16 March 2022 – Telepresence: Bio Art and Space Poetry with Eduardo Kac

29 April 2022 – For the Sake of the Climate: Meditations on Retooling the Economy

11 February 2022 – Climate Change and Institutional Imagination

4 February 2022 – Architectures of In/Security: Mapping Bombs, Bricks, and Militarization in Lahore

Summer 2020 – Fall 2020

  • 13 November, 2020: Epidemic Narratives: Data, Visualization, and the Mediation of Care, a Conversation with Kirsten Ostherr, Kim Gallon, and the Center for Medical Humanities
  • 31 October, 2020: Concepts and Data, a Workshop with the Sawyer Seminar on Precision and Uncertainty (Day 2):
    • Ruoyu Li: “Data Visualization and Multiple Media”
    • Alvitta Ottley: “The Role of Individual Differences in Moderating Decision-Making with Visualization”
    • Sandra Laugier: “Significant Data and Digital Culture”
    • Discussant: Swayam Bagaria
  • Concluding Remarks: Naveeda Khan and Andrew Brandel
  • 30 October, 2020: Concepts and Data, a Workshop with the Sawyer Seminar on Precision and Uncertainty (Day 1):
    • Jocelyn Benoist: “Given to No One”
    • Juliet Floyd: “Ethica and Data in a Computationally-Driven World: Wittgenstein and Turing”
    • Veena Das: “The Givenness in Question in Political Anthropology: How Data Produce Objects”
    • Discussant: M. Ali Khan
  • 18 September, 2020: Spyware and Predictive Policing, the Merging of Historic and Big Data, a Reading Group Meeting
  • 29 August, 2020: Conversation with Dr. Julia Iyasere and the Viral Conjunctions Network, a Reading Group Meeting
  • 11 July, 2020: Emerging Insights From COVID-19 Data in South Asia, a Meeting With Yamini Aiyar and Jishnu Das of the Viral Conjunctions Network
  • 6 June, 2020: COVID/DATA: Surveillance, Privacy, and Accountability, a Discussion with Dr. Stuart Ray and Dr. Alexis Walker

Winter 2020 – Spring 2020

Summer 2019 – Fall 2019

Winter 2019 – Spring 2019