10.15.21 | The CURRENT ECONOMY: a book discussion with Canay Özden Schillling

The second Sawyer Seminar event of the semester will be a panel discussion of Canay Özden-Schilling’s new book, The Current Economy: electricity markets and techno-economics.

In addition to Özden-Schilling, a former postdoctoral fellow of the Sawyer Seminar and now assistant professor of the anthropology at the National University of Singapore, the panel will include Veena Das (anthropology, JHU), Heba Islam (anthropology, JHU), Naveeda Khan (anthropology, JHU), Joris Mercelis  (history of science and technology, JHU), and Alex Parry (history of medicine, JHU). 

If you plan to attend, please register here https://sawyer-10-15.eventbrite.com .

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