11/13/2019 Designing New Tools For Rapid Decarbonization: Climate Analysis Systems For Practical Action

Join us for another edition of our Data Sciences and Society Reading Group meeting. This time, we are very fortunate to be joined by Ben Zaitchik (Earth and Planetary Sciences) and Bentley Allan (Political Science). Profs. Zaitchik and Allan will facilitate a discussion on the uses of data in the context of climate modeling and analysis. Please RSVP to Canay Özden-Schilling (ozden@jhu.edu).

Suggested Readings:
Pindyck, “The Use and Misuse of Models for Climate Policy,” 2017.
Kalvin and Bond-Lamberty, “Integrated Human-Earth System Modeling—State of the Science and Future Directions,” 2018.
Allan et al. “Developing New Policy Tools for Rapid Decarbonization,” 2019.

Presenters: Ben Zaitchik (JHU Earth and Planetary Sciences) & Bentley Allan (JHU Political Science)

Location: Upon RSVP to Canay Özden-Schilling (ozden@jhu.edu)

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