10/30/2019 Genomics: Precision and Uncertainty in a World of DNA Data

October 30, 2019 / 7 PM / Reading Group Meeting

Join us for another edition of our Data Sciences and Society Reading Group meeting. This time, we are very fortunate to be joined by Dr. Jonathan Pevsner from the Kennedy Krieger Institute, who teaches widely on bioinformatics and genomics. Dr. Pevsner will facilitate a discussion on what big data means in the context of biology, what bioethical issues are specific to big data, and what the future of genomics holds in an age of data.

Suggested reading: Stephens et al., “Big Data: Astronomical or Genomical?” 2015.
Barone et al., “Unmet Needs for Analyzing Biological Big Data,” 2017.
Coller, “Ethics of Human Genome Editing,” 2019.

Presenter: Jonathan Pevsner (JHU Kennedy Krieger Institute)

Location: Upon RSVP to Canay Özden-Schilling (ozden@jhu.edu)

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